The Good, Bad and Unexpected from Jornada 1

The first week of action didn’t disappoint in Costa Rica. The Big 3 won by a combined 9-0, starting the already heated debate as to who the title favorites are. San Carlos managed to win a game for once.

I don’t know what the fuck Guadalupe was doing.

After divulging all the action, here is the good, bad and unexpected from Jornada 1.

The Results

Guadalupe 2-2 Santos

Perez Zeledon 0-2 Alajuelense

Saprissa 4-0 Limon

Jicaral 0-1 San Carlos

Herediano 3-0 Grecia

Sporting PPD Cartagines

The Good

I will openly admit that I am a Jimmy Marin fanboy. After Saturday, you should admit the same.

Marin was stellar in his debut for Saprissa. The fluidity of his movements and one-touch ability allowed him to play quicker than his counterparts. The culmination was a one-touch banger in the 63rd minute that finally gave Saprissa the lead. He would follow with what is technically an assist in the 85th minute before making way for Jedwin Lester. 

Centeno still needs to figure out the best way to utilize him. He seemed more dangerous in the attack as an inverted winger, but you couldn’t ask for a better start to your club career.

Especially when you arrive with such high expectations. 

The Bad

There were only five games played in Jornada 1. That’s because Sporting and Cartagines never happened.

The game was suspended after Cartago submitted a request for postponement to UNAFUT. The committee obliged, but did not give a rescheduled date. Cartagines had two positive COVID cases last week and was unable to train for five days.

Manager Hernan Medford sent his entire team home for the week. 

It wasn’t the perfect start to the season, one looking to avoid derailment due to COVID, but at least it wasn’t “Miami Marlins” bad.

The Unexpected

The future of the national team in Costa Rica predominantly relies on the academy system of the Big 3. They all delivered in Jornada 1.

Alajuelense started Alonso Martinez…albeit in place of a 19-year-old Jurgens Montenegro, but that’s a different conversation for a different day. The 21-year-old played a decent 63 minutes opposite Barlon Sequiera on the wing. 

Sequiera—a 22-year-old starlet himself—scored the opener for Alajuela in the first eight minutes. 

Herediano let Jefferson Brenes (23) see the field, but the real story was the season debut of Jordy Hernandez. The 18-year-old scored in the 67th minute of Herediano’s 3-0 victory over Grecia. 

Saprissa continued to live up to its nickname, Saprichamacos. Jostin Telleria opened his club account in a dream fashion. After the departure of Manfred Ugalde to City Football Group, the 17-year-old is looking to become the next big prospect for El Monstruo

Saturday was the perfect first step in the right direction.

Side note: his birthday was in April, so I don’t know why everyone kept calling him 16.

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