Liga Promerica Power Rankings: Jornada 2

There weren’t many surprises in Jornada 1, so there won’t be much movement in the second edition of the Liga Promerica Power Rankings.

It didn’t help that Sporting and Cartagines were unable to play, either.

This is where the league stands entering Jornada 2.

No. 1: Saprissa 

1-0-0 3 points +4 GD

Last Week: 1

Forget the 4-0 victory over Limon. This team still has a lot of question marks. First, let’s start with whether or not Alexander Robinson is still alive. Yauycell Wright basically murdered him for the first 45 minutes.

Johnny Acosta had to come on at halftime to stop the abuse.

Deploying Venegas as a center forward is the likely answer to Walter Centeno’s conundrum at the position. When Christian Bolanos returns, Colindres is the odd man out and Jimmy Marin should play as an inverted winger. That’s how he proved to be the most effective on Saturday.


The only concern is reverting to a back three when Guzman returns to the fold.

No. 2: Alajuelense

1-0-0 3 points +2 GD

Last Week: 2

Alajuelense didn’t exactly jump off the screen on Saturday, but there were a few key pieces missing. Bernald Alfaro and Juergens Montenegro didn’t start. Bryan Ruiz and Ian Smith weren’t even in the 18.

Alajuela isn’t close to the best version of itself. Don’t expect that to be the case a few weeks into the season.


No. 3: Herediano

1-0-0 3 points +3 GD

Last Week: 3

Herediano has a championship pedigree. That’s the only reason the club was able to bully Grecia in certain moments on Sunday. That alone is going to win them a bunch of games, but it’s not enough to compete with Saprissa and Alajuelense when it matters.

Unlike the other two giants, Herediano basically had its full allotment of talent. The 3-0 scoreline was a misleading one too. Grecia outplayed Heredia for huge chunks of that game. Experience was the deciding factor, but what happens when you play a team that’s just as experienced AND more talented?

That’s the biggest stumbling block Herediano will run into.

No. 4: San Carlos 

1-0-0 3 points +1 GD

Last Week: 4

This is a complete rebuild for San Carlos and winning your first game despite being down a man is impressive.

Going forward, San Carlos will be difficult for any team to defend. That was just never the issue. It was the calamitous defense that limited the club’s success. Starting the season with a clean sheet is a positive first step to right the wrongs of last season.


No. 5: Cartagines

0-0-0 0 points 0 GD

Last Week: 5

Eventually, Cartagines are going to drop, mainly because the club won’t play a fucking game until Aug. 28. The entire team is forced to take a 14-day quarantine due to three players testing positive last week.


Cartagines will make its debut in Jornada 4

No. 6: Grecia

0-0-1 0 points -3 GD

Last Week: 6

Yes, Grecia was given a hard lesson from Herediano. Yes, a minus-three goal differential after one game merits a drop.

But you couldn’t watch Sunday’s game and not find positives for Grecia.

Anthony Lopez has the juice. Harry Rojas is a pacey, little winger that can burn up and down the right side of the formation. Rodolfo Alfaro needs a consistent run of minutes to show his quality.

It’s not yet time to panic with Grecia.

No. 7: Guadalupe

0-1-0 1 point 0 GD

Last Week: 8

Guadalupe was good enough to take a 2-0 lead over Santos. Then, defensively bad enough to blow it.

This is still a young squad that overachieved last season, but if they want to take that next step, these are the types of games they need to finish.


No. 8: Santos

0-0-1 1 point 0 GD

Last Week: 11

Santos make the biggest jump of the week, moving up three spots. Replacing the goals Javon East took with him to San Carlos was always the biggest question mark. It’s yet to be seen that Sterling Matarrita can be the one to do it consistently.

It took god-awful defending from Guadalupe for Santos to score both goals, but take it. Take that point and run.

No. 9: Sporting

0-0-0 0 points 0 GD

Last Week: 10

Sporting is yet to make its first-division debut. We’ll see what this team really has to offer against Limon on Friday.

No. 10: Jicaral 

0-0-1 0 points -1 GD

Last Week: 10

Losing Jurgens Montenegro and Freddy Alvarez didn’t make Jicaral any better in the offseason. It showed on Saturday. The attacking flair both provided was much needed in the 1-0 loss to Santos.

No. 11: Perez Zeledon

0-0-1 0 points -3 GD

Last Week: 7

I tweeted this mid-way through the first half.


Nestor Monge did this just before the whistle.


The fuck, bro?

Hernan Fener was the perfect signing this offseason. He was just starved of service for the majority of the game. It didn’t help that Perez Zeledon finished with nine men and completely lost its width by the 60th minute.

It was a nightmarish start to the season, but there’s plenty of room for growth.

No. 12: Limon

0-0-1 0 points -4 GD

Last Week: 12

To Limon’s credit, it wasn’t a terrible performance. It was the last 30 minutes where it all fell apart.

The fact still remains: if Wright doesn’t carry this team on his back with double-digit goals, dead last is a serious possibility. He had his opportunities in the first half. He just wasn’t clinical enough to put them away.

That has to change, or this is going to be a long, long season.

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