Club Name: Club Sport Cartagines

Stadium: Estadio Fello Meza

Nickname(s): Los Brumosos

Manager: Geiner Segura

Club Honors

League Titles: 3 (1923, 1936, 1940)

League Cup: 5

CONCACAF Champions: 1 (1994)

Style of Play

Have you ever listened to the song “Bounce,” by System of A Down? That’s what it feels like watching Cartagines play futbol. 

No one plays a more unsustainably high, intense style in all of Costa Rica. 

Unlike the rest of the league, there isn’t a specific tactic that preempts Cartagines’ verticality. This is not bunker down and counter. This is not route-one futbol. This is not about second-ball pickups. 

This is get fucking forward and fast. 

Yes, you can describe Cartagines’ attack as a possession-oriented one; however, it’s possession with a purpose, and it is executed with Kamikaze-like precision. Forward runs off the ball, aggressive carries, penetrating passes and third-man runs are all shoved down the opponent’s throat. It’s wave after wave of relentless attacks until opposing defenses break down.

…or they punish Cartagines in transition.

This is where the “Kamikaze” aspect of Cartagines’ approach backfires. Forward numbers and an aggressively high line are punished by opportunistic opponents. It’s the soccer equivalent of living and dying by the sword, but more than anything, enjoyable to watch.  

Best XI

Key Players

Mauricio Montero

Most of Cartagines’ reckless abandonment forward is protected by Mauricio Montero. His ability to cover space in transition neutralizes most counterattacks, but not all. Montero is placed in more difficult spots than any other defensive midfielder in Costa Rica. He isn’t without flaws when he challenges, but he is successful more often than not.

Roger Rojas

Roger Rojas used to be the most prolific goal scorer in all of Costa Rica. Despite his drop in productivity, Rojas still manages to be a threat inside the area. He never needs more than half a yard to take his chances.

Ronaldo Araya

The loss of Christopher Nuñez to Europe cannot be understated. In his absence, Ronaldo Araya has grown into the traditional 10 Cartagines desperately need. He doesn’t possess the individual, 1v1 skill Nuñez displayed last season, but Araya is having zero difficulties creating chances in the attack.

Squad Overview

#Player NamePositionPlaying Style
35Kevin BriceñoGKShot Stopper
1Darryl ParkerGKShot Stopper
3William QuirosRBAttacking Fullback
26Diego SanchezRBAttacking Fullback
2Ryan BolañosLBBalanced
4Elmer GuityLBAttacking Fullback
77Bismark AcostaCBStopper
18Carlos BarahonaCBBalanced
42Heyreel SaraviaCBStopper
5Jose Gabrial VargasCBBalanced
17Daniel ChaconDMAnchor
16Carlos HernandezDMDeep-Lying Playmaker
8Mauricio MonteroDMAnchor
23Diego EstradaCMBox-to-Box
70Dylan FloresCMCreative Playmaker
20Victor MurilloCMBox-to-Box
10Ronaldo Araya10Creative Playmaker
7Allan Guevara10Creative Playmaker
6Jeikel VenegasWingerPlaymaking Winger
15Byron BonillaWingerPlaymaking Winger
9Andy ReyesFWDAdvanced Playmaker
14Arturo Campos9Mobile Striker
21Roger Rojas9Target Man