Club Name: Municipal Grecia

Stadium: Estadio Allen Riggioni

Nickname(s): Los Griegos

Manager: Johnny Chaves

Club Honors

Liga de Ascenso Titles: 2

Promotion: 1 (2017)

Style of Play

If chicks dig the long ball, they will love the shit out of Grecia. 

The team plays a 4-4-2 like U13 players who just discovered the field is 40 yards longer. In its simplest form, Grecia’s approach to generating attack is:

  1. Winning possession
  2. Recycling it (if necessary) by playing the ball to the GK or center back
  3. Waiting for him to carry and boot it
  4. If not, wait for him to pass to a fullback who will eventually boot it

That’s assuming the ball wasn’t sent directly by the midfielder who regained possession.

It’s a relentless series of hail marys that don’t connect nearly as often. 

Countering the route-one tactic many futbol purists will admonish is the freedom for certain personnel to “find the game.” 1v1s are strongly encouraged for the wingers. Watching the ball carried 40 yards from goal to create a chance is not improbable. Technical midfielders also have the freedom to roam, finding the ball to place more precise penetrating passes to one of the two strikers.

There are moments where one of the two strikers drops in midfield to create central combinations, which eventually leads to the ball sprayed out wide; however, overlapping fullback runs, or darting runs from the wingers, end up with the same result. It’s the same hopeful ball into the box.

Best XI

Key Players

Jean Carlos Aguero

Winning the ball cleanly is paramount for Grecia to counterattack. No center back on this roster possesses that quality more than Jean Carlos Aguero. Much of that has to do with the fact that he is slow of foot, but his anticipation and positioning allow Grecia to quickly transition from defense to attack.

Youstin Salas

There is a lot of dirty work to be done for Grecia. Youstin Salas is always up for the task. Despite his destroyer attributes, Salas protects the ball in possession and doesn’t allow the urgency of transition to culminate in a reckless turnover. 

Kenneth Vargas

Grecia cycled through mobile strikers and target men last season like a Kardashian seeking romance. It was a revolving door of meaningless strike partnerships. Kenneth Vargas was the one saving grace. A mobile striker, Vargas is in need of the target man of his dreams. He can carry in transition, but still lacks the finishing quality to become one of the promising prospects in Costa Rica.

Squad Overview

#Player NamePositionPlaying Style
1Antonny MonrealGKShot Stopper
33Alfonso QuesadaGKShot Stopper
17Marvin ObandoRBAttacking Fullback
70Jefferson RiveraRBAttacking Fullback
25Jean Carlos SanchezLBDefending Fullback
6Mauricio NuñezLBBalanced
22Jean Carlo AgueroCBBall-Playing Defender
8Jose GarroCBStopper
4Kenner GutierrezCBStopper
5Richard StevenCBBalanced
12Youstin SalasDMDestroyer
10Anthony LopezCMCreative Playmaker
20Jose MoraCMDeep-Lying Playmaker
90Roan WIlsonCMCreative Playmaker
18Osvaldo Barrantes10Traditional 10
7Steven Cardenas10Creative Playmaker
99Joshua ParraWingerPlaymaking Winger
77Joshua QuiñonezWingerPlaymaking Winger
11Raymond SalasWingerPlaymaking Winger
28Abraan Carreño9Target Man
Paulo Mendez9N/A
9Luis Rodriguez9Target Man
24Rafael Najera9Target Man
15Kenneth Vargas9Mobile Striker