Club Name: Municipal Grecia

Stadium: Estadio Allen Riggioni

Nickname(s): Los Griegos

Manager: Johnny Chaves

Club Honors

Liga de Ascenso Titles: 2

Promotion: 1 (2017)

Style of Play

Grecia played actual futbol in the 2021 Apertura, a far cry from the boot-and-pray tactics of the previous season.

The formation shifted to a 4-2-3-1 that relied heavily on dynamic wing play; however, the burden did not fall squarely on the wingers’ shoulders. No system incorporates the use of its fullbacks more than Grecia’s.

Wingers and fullbacks are interchangeable in the final third. One is positioned tight on the touchline, while the other drifts centrally to create numerical advantages near the top of the 18. A combination of carries, pull-backs and crosses generates most of the chances.

Possession is purposeful for Grecia. The personnel isn’t interested in possession for the sake of possession. Even recycled passes look to create penetrating prospects. Opposing defenses rely on transitional moments to counter Grecia’s bold style of play.

Best XI

Key Players

Youstin Salas

There is no task too tall for Youstin Salas. He is the living embodiment of blood and sweat. The stains of Allen Riggioni’s pitch cover every inch of his uniform. It’s the mark of a warrior that covers every blade of grass possible. 

Salas is not without his faults. He is still susceptible to the dribble at a clip that warrants improvement, but the midfield needs to be controlled for Grecia to spark an attack. That burden falls squarely on Salas’ shoulders. He is at the center of every significant duel in midfield. 

That’s not the extent of his contribution. Salas is a proper box-to-box midfielder that never shies away from a forward run. Third-man runs from midfield allow Grecia to possess the ball with a purpose. Salas leads that charge more often than not. 

Jean Carlo Aguero

Jean Carlo Aguero is not the most imposing defender, but he doesn’t need to be for Grecia to be well protected. Keeping possession is Grecia’s first line of defense. Aguero’s technical proficiency affords them that opportunity. For that very reason, it’s not foreign to see him feature as a defensive midfielder. 

His vision carries to the defensive side of the ball. Understanding his physical limitations, Aguero relies on his positioning to cede off opposing attacks. Interceptions that lead to transition are synonymous with his game. 

Aguero isn’t the center back most teams would look to build around defensively, but he remains a perfect fit for an attack-minded style of play. 

Jefferson Rivera

Quality fullbacks are hard to find in Costa Rica, so you thank your lucky stars when you have one. Grecia has one in Jefferson Rivera. 

With a style of play predicated on midfield dominance and dynamic wing play, Rivera has the freedom to bomb forward in possession. Creating 2v1 overloads in wide areas is the first option in attack. Toeing the touchline to push his partnering winger central is the second. His attacking prowess allows Grecia to create the numerical advantages necessary to exploit the opposition. 

1v1 defending and crossing are the two most significant areas for improvement. Adding just one to his arsenal will elevate Rivera to one of the best players in Costa Rica, not just one of the best fullbacks. 

Squad Overview

#Player NamePositionPlaying Style
1Antonny MonrealGKShot Stopper
33Alfonso QuesadaGKShot Stopper
70Jefferson RiveraRBAttacking Fullback
2Daniel SalasLBN/A
25Jean Carlos SanchezLBDefending Fullback
22Jean Carlo AgueroCBBall-Playing Defender
24Jose Luis CalderonCBStopper
4Kenner GutierrezCBBall-Playing Defender
5Richard StevenCBBalanced
Yohan ZetunaCBN/A
12Youstin SalasDMAnchor
10Anthony LopezCMCreative Playmaker
20Jose MoraCMDeep-Lying Playmaker
21Roan WilsonCMCreative Playmaker
18Osvaldo Barrantes10Traditional 10
8Leonardo CastilloWingerPlaymaking Winger
2Jordy HernandezWingerPlaymaking Winger
99Joshua ParraWingerPlaymaking Winger
77Joshua QuiñonesWingerPlaymaking Winger
11Reimond SalasWingerPlaymaking Winger
13Enyel Escoe9Mobile Striker
6Brian Martinez9Target Man
16Paulo Mendez9Target Man
9Luis Rodriguez9Mobile Striker