Perez Zeledon

Club Name: Municipal Perez Zeledon

Stadium: Estadio Municipal Perez Zeledon

Nickname(s): Guerreros del Sur

Manager: Paulo Wanchope

Club Honors

League Titles: 1 (2017)

Style of Play

When you’re led Paulo Wanchope, you’re going to play a  specific way. I mean…have you seen the way this dude dresses? You talk about well put together.

Perez Zeledon’s style of play is no different. 

It’s important to note that Wanchope’s approach to his team is not suicidal. He isn’t rigidly married to one way of playing and one way only. Necessary adjustments to the attack are made; however, no team wants to build from the back and play a possession-oriented style more than Perez Zeledon.

The objective is to go from the goalkeeper to the opposing goal. Ball to feet, play the way you face, one-touch passes, all the possession cliches are utilized when Perez Zeledon is on the ball. Direct passes are not launched, they are chipped with precision. 

Every pass has its purpose.

In the final third, quick, 1-2 combinations and runs off the ball generate most of the scoring chances. Interchanging play between the striker and attacking midfielders wreak havoc on opposing center backs.

In short, Perez Zeledon wants to be the Manchester City of Costa Rica. The problem is the roster is closer to Sheffield United’s. 

Best XI

Key Players

Gabriel Leiva

One of Perez Zeledon’s glaring flaws is the lack of a true goal scorer. Gabriel Leiva is the closest thing on the roster. He is often pigeon-holed into a role that fits the system. Despite that, Leiva still manages to generate scoring chances and finish quite a few on his own.

Henrique Moura

Henrique Moura anchors what is largely a shaky defense. Most of that has to do with the lack of a true partner for Moura. There is no Robin to his Batman, at least not consistently. Still, Moura remains a solid defender and the last line for opposing attacks.

Luis Stewart Perez

Interchanging roles are key in Wanchope’s system. No player is capable of playing multiple roles for Perez Zeledon than Luis Stewart Perez. Perez is dynamic enough to be a consistent threat on the wing, but skillful enough to be an impactful player in central areas. He can dictate possession and create opportunities. 

Squad Overview

#Player NamePositionPlaying Style
35Justin VargasGKN/A
22Jussef DelgadoGKShot Stopper
1Diego RivasGKShot Stopper
20Royner BadillaRBBalanced
31Keral RiosRBAttacking Fullback
3Randall CorderoLBDefending Fullback
13Daniel VillegasLBAttacking Fullback
2Diego MesenCBBalanced
29Henrique MoraCBStopper
12Roy SmithCBStopper
4Guillermo VillalobosCBBall-Playing Defender
20Nestor MongeDMDeep-Lying Playmaker
5Jhamir OrdainDMDestroyer
77Bruno TiagoDMDeep-Lying Playmaker
24Luis BarrantesCMDeep-Lying Playmaker
26Axel Amador10Creative Playmaker
25Anderson Barboza10Creative Playmaker
8Jose Paulo Rodriguez10Creative Playmaker
34Leonardo CastilloWingerPlaymaking Winger
21Manuel MoranWingerPlaymaking Winger
7Edder SolorzanoWingerPlaymaking Winger
10Luis Stwart PerezFWDAdvanced Playmaker
9Gabriel LeivaFWDMobile Striker
11Rafael Agamez9Target Man
88Starling Matarrita9Target Man
32Justin Monge9Mobile Striker